The Return Process is as Follows:

1. Defective item identified
2. Gather information regarding the original order. Required are: Customer Purchase order #, Purchase date, items Serial Number, Reason for return. Also helpful Ruzner original Quote# and or Invoice#.
3. Contact your Ruzner Sales Representative with the above information.
4. Ruzner will evaluate the request within 8 hours.
5. Upon approval, an RMA # and return information will be communicated to customer.
6. Also Upon approval, a replacement order will be processed using the original customer Purchase Order# followed by "Replacement".
7. Delivery times of the replacement items will vary based on the item returned but typically is 24 Hours from the next day of the RMA Approval.
8. Ruzner must receive the RMA item within 5 days following the issuance of the RMA.